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I just found this interesting video here: https://youtu.be/uVcK9T9IfSQ

Techmashable.com if U like this article means don’t forget to share Checkout this 10 cool projects using DC Motor. Some are very useful in daily life and some are crazy to play with. Enjoy the making of it.

1. Theft alert alarm, using DC Motor, clip, 9v batter and Steel cup
2. Generator using DC Motor, it can be used to glow the led light and also charge the phone
3. 4 Wheel driven car which can do vertical climbing
4. Coin sorting Machine to sort the coins in minutes.
5. Electric screw driver for easy and quick operations.
6. How to make a boat using DC Motor
7. Bubble Machine using DC Motor,
8. Crazy alarm to wake us up on time
9. Dead battery car that runs like crazy and
10. DC Motor free energy charger

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Video Presented by: Sriram Benur


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4. Beat Your Competition

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