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What is Android Beta Program? How does the Android Beta Program work?

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Android Beta Program

  • Android beta program is a program ,that gives an opportunity to some customers by providing a pre-released version to some customers in online for those who enrolled in the beta program at the official website of Android.
  • The updates that they’ll receive as a part of this program are pre-release versions, and may contain errors and defects that can affect the normal functioning of installed customer device.
  • With the registered customer’s feedback they provide on the Beta will help them to identify and fix issues, and helped to make the platforms even better.
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Android Beta Program

IMP Note: If you opt out when your device is running a beta version of Android or Android Wear, all user data on the device will be wiped.

Any how android lovers have an oppurtunity to test and give updates and error reports freely.
actually google is a giant company it has lot of employees to test the pre-released softwares ,But in this test there is a logic.pre-releasing Logic is they need customers experience report ,that’s why they released software before market release and they named it as a pre-release test.

Any how in this test you feel some difficulty ,because this is new  version they don’t experienced this software before as a customer ,that’s why i suggest that please backup ur data and details safely and then only install this pre-release software.if we lost the data means the company is not responsible mind it.

Anyhow I don’t try this type software ,if u have guts and curiosity means then go to their official website and enrol for Android beta program then they send the update software, if you registered previous means now again you have to enrol again to get this new update.

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