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China invented growing rice in salt water

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China Newly invented a rice that can grow in salt waterChina invented growing rice in salt water,And planning to sell in full world

china recently invented a rice that grows in salt water as well.
A speciality that salt water growing rice also has so many minerals like normal natural rice.

By this china is planning to sell rice throughout the world at best rates.

chinese rice,organic brown rice,plastic rice china,asian rice,sushi rice,yellow rice
Salt water farming


This research takes on China by rice research organisation “Saline Alkali Tolerant”.

These results are better than expected as scientist initially only hoped to produce around 4.5 tonnes of the rice per hectare.

With this idea China is planning something big, Actually, China has around one million square kilometres of wasteland that is high in salinity and alkalinity levels.In that land they are planing to farm rice.That land has a capability which could feed 200 million people.


Basically, The rice could be rich in calcium and other micronutrients, which are common in saline water.

That’s why they are planing to sell at the rate of 50 yuans (£5.72) per kg. They started productions in large scale to supply whole world and they are planning lot of profits and other side china china had another benifit is employment.

They have large scale of salt lakes ,i hope now they will utilize everything gently.

Sales target

The sales manager Yuan Ce, a startup working closely with Longping’s team said:


“Our sales revenue target is 10 million yuan by the end of this year.”

after this i hope they will reduce the plastic rice production, which is very unhealthy, China is the only country producing large scale of plastic rice.

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