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Google Home speaker:-

google home speaker
google home speaker

Google Home is a smart speaker developed by Google company and the first smart speakers of Google was announced in November 2017 on united states.Later it released whole over the world in 2017.

Google Home enable users to speak voice instructions to interact with services through Google’s intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant.This google assistance analyses the user’s instructions and gives smart answers and solutions.


By this google home, u can talk as like human, by this intellectual answering facility it will give an answer as quick.For suppose ur in boring mood ask Google Home to play pleasant melody song’s means, it will search melody songs automatically in online and plays it for u.if u are going to outside means as the weather report Google Home can tell u that, not only that u, can ask about traffic at our area and hot news and hot new songs and much more…!

it gives an information and work’s as your servant and attaches like your pet, Totally it behaves like your friend.

U can play games with Google Home.With this fun games where Google tries to prove just how smart it is. By asking you a series of questions, In one of the games Google Home thinks it can figure out your age also.

As per look of google home, it looks like a small cylinder with a spicy shape on the head.

Google Home Speaker Benefits:-

Google home helps u in different ways like a weather report, traffic jams, hot news reports, share market stock reports, music play, filmy conversations, chat with friends, hand free talk on phone, Movie ticket enquiries, online calls for much more queries it will give intellectual answers in fraction of seconds duration.

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