These carbon fibre chairs are well designed to be used on space Mars

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In the event that Elon Musk needs to get a human group to Mars by 2024, they’ll require seats, isn’t that so?

That’s the priority for Switzerland-based designer Thomas Missé, who has designed the “Mars Chair” with interplanetary colonization in mind.

“Before industries get set up in this new home all products will have to be imported from earth,” says by Missé on his website. “This will be a drastic change in the way we look at the production: transportation will represent most of the cost.”


Missé has designed this lightweight which is weight of only 500gms on earth, carbon fibre chair with the optimisation of space and cost in mind — He and his team have estimated that furniture transportation to Mars would cost around 5000€ ($5899.75) per KG, By that comparison with regular stackable chair this furniture can save 7000€($8259.65).

“This approach allows to save around 7000€ per Mars Chair as well as 75 percent of the packed volume compared to an average stackable chair.”

Mars chair -Reliable, comfortable and affordable furniture for the early stage of Mars colonisation

The specialty of mars chair are its weight, This chair Weight is 500grams only in the earth and it is having eight-degree angled legs for “better stability in low gravity(mars).”And thickness of the chair is 2mm only so u can store easily in any place comfortably

The main part of the chair’s lightweight frame is the use of carbon fibre.

Carbon fibre is usually an expensive material, however in this context, its ratio between weight and strength will make it a cheap alternative to most furniture’s materials,” says By Designer Missé on his website.

As compared to prize don’t worry in that mars going time the prize will fall or minimized.

“This product is a small step closer to Mars but aim to set up the ground base of a way of thinking about the production implication of the early stage of space colonisation,” said by Missé.

For More details about Mars chair see this Mars Chair video

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